Company presentation

Skanderborg IT Service ApS was founded in spring 2005. Its main line of business is as a technical subcontractor on ERP projects in Denmark and abroad. The company's primary competence encompasses MS Dynamics AX™ and MS Dynamics XAL™ — two ERP systems originally developed by former Danish software developer Damgaard, and now forming part of the Microsoft portfolio.

Skanderborg IT Service ApS is owned and run by Jesper Goll. The company presently has two employees: Jesper, and a part-time administrator.

From the beginning, the primary activity has been technically complex development assignments on the Dynamics AX platform: Bespoke extension modules, extensions and adjustments of standard AX functionality, as well as adjustments or extensions of customer-specific functionality developed by others.

Through the years there has also been some activity on the two older Damgaard ERP platforms: Concorde XAL, and C5.

A detailed project history can be found in Jesper's CV. The majority of his projects have been situated in Denmark. In two cases there have been lengthy assignments in the UK (London and Birmingham).

Jesper has been working with systems development since the mid 1980s, in many and varied contexts. In addition to development work he has been engaged, over the years, in several documentation and translation projects — both in connection with software development, and in other areas.

Occasionally there has been teaching assignments, such as guidance or coaching of "new" developers.


  • The best solution often turns out to be also the cheapest
    — if one is willing to look a just bit ahead.
  • Structured programming is an unconditional blessing.
    If you do not make a mess, you will not need to clean up.
  • Proper documentation mostly saves money, rather than squandering it.
    Of course, the level of documentation desired will always be a customer decision.
  • The most important commodity is knowledge.
    In most cases there will be a need for knowledge transferral to the customer — a need that should be filled.
  • The user perspective is invaluable.
    It is hard to achieve anything meaningful without a clear and practical understanding of how and where a solution will be used.

Jesper Goll — personal CV

Jesper's CV has become rather long. The project experience is in reverse chronological order (newer projects first). There are three different project experience sections: AX, XAL and "other".