Company presentation

Skanderborg IT Service ApS was founded in the spring of 2005. Its main line of business is as a technical subcontractor to other ERP vendors, both in Denmark and abroad. The company's primary competence lies within the ERP systems originally developed by former Danish ERP software developer Damgaard. These products are now part of the Microsoft portfolio, and are currently known as Microsoft Dynamics™ AX and Microsoft Dynamics™ XAL.

Skanderborg IT Service ApS is owned and run by me, Jesper Goll, and so functions as a practical framework for my work as a freelance systems developer, technical writer and translator. The company presently has two employees - myself and a part-time administrator.

Since the beginning in 2005, the company's primary activity has been technically complex development assignments carried out in Dynamics AX. This includes new modules developed from scratch, extensions of  standard AX  functionality,  as well as

expansion and "finishing" of modules and extensions originally developed by the companies I have been working for. A lesser activity has been development in the two older Damgaard ERP systems known as XAL and C5.

A detailed project history can be found in my personal CV. The majority of projects have been situated in Denmark, but in 2008 I had a lengthy assignment in the UK.

I have been doing systems development since the mid 1980s, in various contexts and on various platforms. I value this experience greatly; it gives me great perspective on the development process. In addition to development work I have been engaged, over the years, in several documentation and translation projects - both in connection with software development and in other areas.

Occasionally I have had teaching assignments, such as guidance or coaching of "new" developers.


Any self-respecting Danish company operates from a set of values - so, of course, does Skanderborg IT Service. Here is a short list:

  • Only the best is good enough - and in any case it is usually the cheapest solution.
  • Structured programming is an unconditional blessing.
    (In English: If you don't make a mess, you won't need to clean up.)
  • Proper documentation saves money.
  • Our most important commodity is knowledge. If knowledge is not transferred to the customer, something has gone wrong.

Jesper Goll - personal CV

Since the qualifications available from Skanderborg IT Service are so clearly bound to a single individual, it makes good sense to present them as a CV - available here as a PDF file: CV for Jesper Goll (PDF)